Hey there! I’m Allison McGuigan, a yoga and meditation teacher, creativity seeker, travel buff, and a girl with an undeniable sweet tooth. Above all, I am someone who believes there is a way for you to find your inner vibrance and live the life you want.

How long have you been waiting for your life to be exactly what you hoped it would become?

I believe the choice to live vibrantly is a personal journey. Yoga and meditation are tools to bring awareness to your body, mind, and heart. But it’s even bigger than that. It’s about listening to what brings you happiness, ease, peace, compassion, and courage.

It’s my mission to make these tools accessible for you to incorporate them into your busy life.

Your journey isn’t always easy and it’s never perfect, but it will be unique just like you! Together we will create a practice that works for your body and lifestyle.

Get Inspired!


These are short and sweet pauses for your busy day.