Two Minute Pause

As we move throughout our busy days, every once in a while it’s nice to slow down and take a pause. With that in mind, I’ve created a two minute pause for you. Find a comfortable seat, press play, and allow yourself to just be for 2 minutes.

Short Meditation for a Busy Day

If you’ve had an especially crazy day or week (like I have), here’s a short reprieve. I gave myself a few minutes to find a comfortable seat and here’s what I did – press play to listen and enjoy.

Even a few calming breaths can make all the difference in a busy day, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

One Inhale, One Exhale

If you feel like you’re moving in lots of different directions today without a moment to even think, here’s a quick way to press pause. I promise it’s short, less than two minutes! You can listen to this wherever you are, seated or standing, and begin to simply find one inhale and one exhale. Press play and have a listen.

Pause for Gratitude

After recording several audio meditations (or short pauses, as I like to call them), the feedback has been overwhelming!

I have heard that you’re finding value and using these recordings, that they are helping you pause, helping to start off your meditation practice, and providing an opportunity to stop and take a few breaths out of your busy day.

And that is my intention – for you to take these recordings and listen whenever you need them, to use them as they fit into your schedule and your day.

With that in mind, I do plan to continue sending these out as periodic mid-week pauses. In gratitude for you and this community here’s a short pause for gratitude. Thank you for listening!

A Calming Pause (audio and music)

I am so excited to share this special treat with you! I have heard from several of you that music would be helpful and calming to add to the short meditations I’ve been sending out – and that is exactly what we have today!

Today’s mid-week pause is a collaboration with Raphael Alvarez, a musician and fellow meditation student, who created the music for us to enjoy during our short pause.

I am so grateful for you and to be able to share this. Keep working towards what brings you balance to be able to share the unique you that you are!

Take a pause from your day, press play, and see what you think!

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Have you felt overwhelmed recently? Or maybe you are right now? We all feel it at some point and here’s the thing – you are definitely not alone in this! Here’s a little story.

I’m taking a business course right now. And while it’s exciting and I’m learning truly valuable info, it’s overwhelming! As I look at the big picture of what I want my yoga and meditation business to be, it feels like a huge challenge to surmount. I’m revamping my website, creating new programs to share, and working on the best ways to communicate these meditation and yoga tools to you. There are lots of steps between right now and my ultimate vision!

While valuable and necessary, the big picture can often be intimidating and overwhelming. So here’s what I’m doing instead – I’m practicing what I preach. I’m trying to pause and focus on the present moment. On what I can get done today. On baby steps. Baby steps are just placing one foot in front of another. And that’s something I can work with.

Sounds fairly doable, right? With that in mind, I created your mid-week pause today about taking baby steps and landing in the present moment. Let go of overwhelm and just put one foot in front of the other.

Press play and have a listen.

How your practice can become your refuge

Summertime often feels like the most active and vibrant season of all. It’s almost like we have a little more permission to live vibrantly, to enjoy ourselves, and to enjoy life. The sun is shining. Flowers are in vibrant bloom. School is out. It’s vacation, cookout and cocktail season.

IMG_5673As we move into summer, I’m guessing that your yoga and meditation practice are probably moving further and further down the priority list. Believe me, I know how this goes! It’s hard to find the balance between living a full, busy life and keeping up with yoga and meditation.

I struggle with this too. And what I’ve come to realize is when I take a break from my practice, something suffers. Usually it’s how I feel physically, or how I interact with those that I love.

Your practice can become your refuge. 

What helps me the most is giving myself permission to know that I don’t always need a full yoga class or a long meditation to feel the benefits. I let my practice become my refuge. I make a few minutes each day to pause and check in. In this time I can see and feel what will bring my body, mind and heart happiness today. I can nurture my own wellbeing and self-care. Even when I’m traveling and out of my normal routine, usually a couple of minutes is available, if I want to find it.

I know that you come to your yoga mat or meditation practice to find peace, calm, and ease during an otherwise busy day. You spend so much time working, having fun, getting things done, taking care of others, and checking things off the list that there’s rarely enough time left in the day for you and your own self-care. And yes, I speak from personal experience about the list. Checking items off a list is one of my favorite activities. In fact, I’ve been known to write things on the list that I’ve already completed, just to be able to cross them off! Tell me I’m not alone in that?!

As we move into this active, vibrant summer season, give yourself permission to find a few moments to care for you. Don’t wait until everything else has been completed. Make yourself a priority.

Here’s a short pause you can listen to anytime you’re ready to take a moment for yourself, so you can live as vibrantly as possible. Press play and have a listen.

How often do you put everyone else before yourself? (audio and music)

Today’s post is short, sweet, and just a simple reminder of how important you are!

How often do you put everyone else before yourself, especially during these busy summer months? I know you take great care of your family and friends, your children and fur babies.

But what about you? When you feel depleted, do you stop to notice what will help you feel revived?

Here’s a short pause today, to do just that (with music brought to you by Raphael Alvarez).

Listen to this anytime you feel depleted and need a little you time!